Beautiful and peaceful, a superb destination for a get a way from it all, a family holiday or occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons and weddings.


Unexplored Adventure Introduction Isolated for 65 million years Madagascar is the oldest island in the world, and with this isolation comes a...


Once renowned mostly for scuba diving, the Maldives now appeals to a wider and more sophisticated audience, appreciative of the rich yet fragile ecosystem whilst staying in top notch watervillas on stilts, island spa's and luxury family resorts.


The tropical islands off the East Coast of Africa really are as beautiful and peaceful as photographs suggest. Luxury-holiday-honeymoon-family


Kenya is an ideal destination for a family safari with young and teenage children who will love it's outdoor life, friendly people and wild animals. It is also perfect for a bespoke tailor made safari for couples, friends and of course honeymoons.

South Africa

South Africa one of the greatest displays of animal and plant life in the world, including game viewing in spectacular, contrasting landscapes. honeymoon destination. Safari, family holiday


Zanzibar This fascinating island steeped in history