There are few places more spiritual than the Himalayas, and few kingdoms more mysterious than Bhutan.

Sri Lanka

Tailor made holidays to Sri Lanka


India The fascinating, rich tapestry of India with its potent mix of ancient past and pulsating present has a cultural, architectural and natural diversity unlike any other country.


Where else can you relax on the beach in the morning, shop for must-have haute couture in the afternoon and dine in the desert after dusk? And where else do you find mosques overlooked by skyscrapers and camel racing as popular as horse racing, superb water sports and beautifully manicured golf courses overlooking the desert and the ancient Dubai Creek. Only in Dubai. Its beach hotels are of a reassuringly high standard and brimming with things to do and numerous restaurants


Once renowned mostly for scuba diving, the Maldives now appeals to a wider and more sophisticated audience, appreciative of the rich yet fragile ecosystem whilst staying in top notch watervillas on stilts, island spa's and luxury family resorts.