China, cuisine, history, Imperial, China serves up a feast for the senses

Malaysia & Borneo

A rich fusion of cultures pervades Malaysia


Indonesia Blessed with pristine Beaches and suffused with spirituality

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, history, shopping, Cosmopolitan


Laos is friendly and relaxed– a hidden treasure as yet unspoilt by the modern world.


The highlight of Cambodia is the astonishing temple complex of Angkor, a legacy of the once thriving Khmer Empire.

Myanmar (Burma)

With a beaming welcome and a delicate bow, hands pressed together as if in prayer, the gentle people of Burma - or Myanmar as it is now known - put the visitor at immediate ease. A delicious extravaganza of cultural and culinary delights awaits discovery in a land still blissfully free of Western influences.


Thailand is an idyllic country offering a unique blend of tropical islands


Australia is a spectacular country with a diverse range of experiences

New Zealand

New Zealand - Two islands, one inspiring experience